So this is Me – Beck.

I am blessed to have 3 kids, aged 5, 7 & 9 who colour my world in the most incredible way.

I’ve had many interesting jobs over the years, which have included being a push bike postie, selling vegetables, a visual merchandiser for Myer, a house painter and I have even sold Avon!

But it wasn’t until I had kids that I really tuned in, nurtured and grew my own spiritual practice which led me to where I am today.

I meditate, connect weekly with a special circle of divine women, I read oracle cards, love my crystals, read a lot, do yoga and practise gratitude.

All of these things have evolved gradually over the years and are now just a natural part of my every day, things I love to share and teach my own kids to gently help them on their path.

My Gratitude Journal was birthed as I wanted to help kids create a positive mindset and forge a strong sense of self. With growing numbers in childhood anxiety and depression, this is something we need to start focusing on in early childhood.

It needs to be taught so kids can grow confidently with tools to aid emotional expression, conquering fears, self belief and negative mindsets.

My kids workshops have been my biggest achievement to date. With a small idea sparked by a conversation with a dear friend, I created my first Animal Affirmation Card workshop.  I had no idea if I would even sell a single ticket, how the kids would respond, and if I was fruit loop crazy to think I could tame a room full of kids. But… I was completely amazed and thrilled that it sold out, and the response from the kids and parents afterwards was so heart warming.

Since then I have created many more different workshops, all with a theme and teaching empowering tools to overcome fears and negative thoughts in a fun and creative format.

I have sold out every single workshop. Why? Because kids need to gather in circle too. They need to find their tribe, just as we do. They crave a space where they can feel safe and calm, with no external stimulation. A space where they can just be, free of expectations, free of judgement. A place to let their soul shine. 

We happily welcome many kids who are on the Autism spectrum, kids who’s parents are often anxious about how they will behave and respond in our workshops. To date, we have not had one single disruptive, bored, unengaged child in our circles. The space we create, and the way we run our circles seems to be a complete leveller for the kids. It’s incredible to witness a room full of kids who are all calm, relaxed and true to themselves.

The connections we make with each child in our circles, the stories and fears that they share, witnessing their stillness and connection to self has brought me to tears many times.

My dream?

To gently unfold the wings of little souls, so they may soar wild and free.