So this is Me – Beck.

I have 3 kids, aged 4, 7 & 9.

I thought it was time to introduce myself, (I’m an introverted hermit) so here are some hard core facts about me that even my close friends may not know…

My partner Troy and I have been together for 20yrs, we actually grew up together, spent 2 years working in Europe and then travelled Australia for 3 years before having kids.

He is a plumber and proposed to me under a waterfall in the Kimberleys with a ring he made from copper pipe. Like I said, he’s a plumber!

He is also incredibly talented as you can see here in a shameless plug for him!

I have sold vegetables, cleaned hotels, been a Postie, and a house painter.

I learned to scuba dive in Africa, I have also sky dived, seen the Dalai Lama, been to Oktoberfest and Running of the Bulls, and I took my tonsils in a jar for show and tell in Prep.

I love drinking tea, but not herbal tea. I don’t eat meat but I love beer and red wine.

I am a crossword lover and a crafter. I love macrame and my Dad is Mauritian.

I meditate, read oracle cards, I have a growing collection of crystals and I sleep in tree pose (that one is weird, not deliberate, I just wake up like that every day). 

And I do believe we can all make a difference.

I am teaching my kids all the life skills that I use to stay grounded, connected, mindful and kind. But I wanted to reach other kids, to help them believe in themselves, grow with resilience and develop a grateful mindset. And so the Gratitude Journal evolved.

I wrote, designed and self-published the entire project and received my first shipment 9mths after the idea first came about. I am no expert in any field and I really don’t like computers, but I am fiercely strong willed and driven. (stubborn is the other term!!)

So I’m hoping to reach as many kids as possible, build their self-esteem, resilience and create a positive mindset to set them up with skills so they can dance through life without struggle and disillusion.  And in the process maybe I’ll help some big people too, because our kids need our wisdom and nurturing guidance to grow in to the best versions of themselves.




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