Kids Workshops

We are so thrilled to offer you our unique workshops for kids.

Our workshop content, approach, set up and facilitation is like no other; our parent and child feedback, and sell out events are testimony to this. 

Coming together in a sacred circle, we teach the kids fun yet powerful tools to help them thrive emotionally and socially. We gently interact personally with each child, nurturing their spirit so we can help them shine their beautiful light with confidence and ease.

Each workshop has a different theme and activity, focusing on building emotional resilience and creating positive mindsets.

When we returned home she made our lounge into your meditation circle and showed me how to meditate and let go of anger. You have showed my daughter how to enjoy being in a group situation again.
Thank you


Thank you for a wonderful session. My daughter loved it and has been practising her affirmations at home. I was blown away this week when she said sorry to me for two occassions. I’m loving it!


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