Last week our 9 yr old daughter learnt a HUGE life lesson in the power of positive thinking. 

It wasn’t planned (very unlike Me…), it was just a moment in the day that came up, and we flowed with it.

Miss 9: “Mum, I think I’m going to be sad again at bedtime tonight”.

Me: “Yep. You’re right. You WILL be.”

Miss 9: [looks at me like I’m a fruit loop]

Miss 9 is our emotional kid. Always has been. These days she’s pretty good at acknowledging and managing her emotions, but when she’s tired, physically or mentally, she gets all teary at bedtime. Usually a cuddle and choosing a crystal to sleep with does the trick, but sometimes she needs to talk about something, process it and make peace with it. 

I’m all good with this, it’s totally healthy and I’m always encouraging our kids to express their emotions rather than bottling them up. But predetermining your state of happiness hours in advance? That’s nuts.

So we lay down on my bed together and I told her all about the power of positive thinking. How your thoughts control your state of mind.

“If you think you’re going to be nervous at assembly tomorrow, you WILL be.

If you believe you can’t learn that sheet of music, you won’t.

If you think that you’ll never learn to ride a skateboard, then you never will.”

Our chat was a little longer and more in depth than this, but you get the drift. I told her how powerful her thoughts were, and that whatever she was thinking would attract more of the same.

Think positive and happiness will flow.

Sit with fear and doubt, and anxiety and failure with flourish.


Half an hour later, Miss 9 came skipping up to me;

Miss 9: “Hey Mum, I’ve been thinking about happy things, stuff that makes me happy”.

Me: “Awesome Honey. And?…..”

Miss 9: “I’m not feeling sad anymore. I feel really happy.”

I kid you not, that’s exactly how it rolled.

We hugged and hugged and I told her how amazing she was to have just learnt a super powerful life skill.  Even better still, there were no tears or anxiety at bedtime. Absolute win.

These kids blow me away every damn day. Their ability to learn, adapt and comprehend things that I am still learning to apply in my own life is breathtakingly beautiful to witness. 

I can’t wait to see what this divine, wise, awakened generation bring to our world.