Yes. Meditation. 

Bedtime for myself is super easy. I’m always exhausted. I fall in to bed. I sleep. Easy.

For my kids however, it’s just not that simple. 

For them, it’s the time of day when they start thinking about ALL the things that happened throughout their day. Every. Little. Detail.

And they want to talk, sing, make random noises, sort out their toys.

They wriggle, they get up, they need a drink… You get the picture.

Enter meditation. My saviour, my faithful friend, and I have never looked back.

Meditation is a fabulous tool that helps quieten the mind and still wriggly bodies.

Our kids, who are 4, 6 & 8 yrs all share a bedroom together. Was that your jaw dropping? It’s ok, I get it but that’s just what works for us right now.

Every night I read them all a book and then put on a bedtime meditation story. Our 2 oldest are always prepared with reading lamps and books to read once Mr 4 is asleep, but they never make it. Can’t stay awake. Out like a light. See you tomorrow! 

Seriously, it works every night. I use either Insight Timer app or Youtube, they are both free, and the kids take turns to choose a children’s bedtime meditation story.

I know every child is different with sleeping routines (all mine are very different) but this works for us. I have spent countless hours laying with my kids to help them sleep. Stories, cuddles, begging, drinks, threats, more stories. It’s exhausting and I seriously know the pain, frustration and anguish that parents go through trying to get kids to sleep. 

Just give it a go, if it doesn’t work, at least you’ve tried. But you never know unless you try, and meditation is a wonderful thing to teach kids from a young age.

So that’s my secret bedtime weapon, let me know how you go….

(and yes, it works even with daylight savings…)