My 8yr old chose my outfit today, here’s why:

She didn’t want to go to school. I’m not sure why, but I could sense the beginning of anxiety and a possible emotional meltdown.

Instead of trying to reason with her, or work out why she didn’t want to go as I most often try to do, I changed my approach completely and asked her to come with me to get dressed. Just us two.

We held hands, it was a sweet tender moment.

She sat on my bed and then her face lit up and she asked if she could choose my clothes. My face did not light up as bright as hers did.

But I let her.

In the short space of 5 minutes, her whole mood shifted, we had a beautiful moment of connection, she was light and happy again and I was dressed.

Sometimes out of the blue kids just need to feel connected, loved, adored and held. To feel wanted, safe and loved can change your world.


So today I am grateful my daughter has acceptable fashion taste, and that she decided against the woollen mini skirt over harem pants!