Are your kids ready for school?

So how are your kids feeling about a new year level, new teacher, new class, new challenges?

Starting a new year can be terribly overwhelming for kids.

With so much already happening physically and emotionally as they grow and develop, having to also face so many new beginnings at school can create added anxiety, fears and lots of self doubt.

So how can you help your child ease in to the new school year?

Let me share some easy tips;


This is one of the most powerful and overlooked things we can do as a parent to help our kids feel safe, loved and grounded.
It strengthens relationships with your kids, builds confidence, eases fears and anxiety, encourages communication and emotional expression and builds strong foundations for social and emotional skills.


Spend some time with your child.
Special, one on one time.
It doesn’t mean you need to go somewhere extravagant, or do something new and exciting.

The simple act of sitting together and building lego, colouring in, doing a puzzle, going for a walk, kicking a footy, baking, reading, riding bikes, is all you need to do.

But do it together, just the two of you.
No expectations, no agendas, no pressure.
Let your child lead the activity, and also the conversation.

In creating this space for them, they will feel nurtured, supported, listened to and loved. This builds trust and allows them to express their fears and worries.


I know this seems an unlikely solution, but here’s how the practice of gratitude can help;

It only takes 21 days of practicing gratitude to re-wire your brain and create a shift in your way of thinking.

You don’t have to believe me, there are plenty of studies to prove this, so try it for yourself!

Practicing gratitude helps you to create a positive mindset, which allows you to view new situations and challenges with confidence, positivity and self belief.

This is definitely a powerful way to help kids try new things with a growth mindset, rather than build anxiety and talk themselves in to failure.

Our Gratitude Journals are a fun way to introduce this practice, and we have included over 80 different positive affirmations in there to also help kids shift in to a mindset of positivity and strong self belief.

You can order here.

Tool kit

So we all have specific tools for different jobs;

– Garden tools for gardening.
– Cooking utensils for cooking.
– Paint brushes for painting.

You get my point…

But what about tools for emotional well being?
Doesn’t it make sense to have a tool kit for this too?

Yes, of course it does.

Let me give you some suggestions.

Essential oils.
These are so easy to use and kids LOVE them.
My kids choose their own oil (usually lavender) and make up a little roller bottle to use before school. We’re very lucky that our school is fairly relaxed and our kids are allowed to take them with them and use them as needed.
We add a few small crystal chips in the bottles too which allows us to set an intention in the crystal and infuse the oil with it.
For beautiful, quality oils I recommend these. (no affiliation).

Show me a kid who doesn’t love crystals!
Small tumblestones are perfect for kids to take to school in their pocket or in a necklace pouch to wear. You can set an intention in to them and even send your love in to it for your kids to use as a reminder all day at school.
Our hand made (by me!) macrame necklace pouches are perfect for carrying crystals around safely.
You can order one here.

Positive affirmations are such a powerful way to shift your negative thoughts in to a growth mindset.

Some suggestions;

– I make friends easily

– I am not afraid to try new things

– I am safe and supported

– I make wise choices

– I focus on things that make me happy

Make it fun by getting your kids to make their own and display them on the wall or bathroom mirror so it’s a constant reminder for them.

Setting intentions 
One of the best ways to start your day is by setting an intention, and this is a fabulous habit to get your kids in to.
Each morning, ask your kids what sort of day they would like.
Get them to share what it would look like, how it would roll out and how they’d like to feel.
Then invite them to write it down.
Doing this connects hand to heart and really anchors their intention, which will help them hold high visions for their day to flow happily and be wonderful.

Even if you just use one of these tips, it will certainly help your child begin their school year with more ease and confidence.

One of the toughest things in the world is dropping your child at school knowing they are struggling emotionally.

So arm them with emotional tools, hold space for them, love them unconditionally and they will eventually spread their wings and soar fearlessly.