Kids Workshop


**  CRYSTALS  **


WHEN:  Saturday August 4


TIME:  10am – 11


WHERE:  St Andrews Community Centre, Wadambuk


COST:  $25 

This is a unique, beautiful workshop for kids aged 7-12 yrs (there is writing involved).

And it’s all about ‘Self Love & Acceptance’.

Numbers are limited to keep the group small and intimate, creating a gentle and relaxed energy.

I run these workshops with the assistance of my beautiful, gentle Mama. She is a friend to all, Mama to many and has so much kindness and wisdom to share with our children.

To start our workshop, we will be joining together in a grounding exercises to help them get out of their busy, anxious heads and bring themselves back to earth. 

We will be teaching the kids how to choose a crystal, how and when to use them and also how to cleanse them.

Through a gentle guided exercise, we will be choosing three special crystals each, that the kids will get to take home and together we’ll create some lovely cards that embrace our beautiful strengths and qualities.

To close our circle, we will be doing a beautiful crystal meditation to help affirm their inner beauty and strengths.

This workshop is designed to encourage self love, expression and to prompt your child to recognise their beautiful, powerful inner strengths. Everything we do as a group is on a basic introductory level, to keep it simple and engaging for those who haven’t done anything like this before.

It has also been mindfully created to nurture children who are socially anxious and shy. No child will be expected to speak up in front of the group, and although they may not verbally share with us, they will still gain so much from merging with the loving energy that we will be collectively creating as a group.

We will be focused on inclusion, building up the self belief of kids and giving them the tools to thrive emotionally and socially.

Book your spot, numbers are limited and we sell out every time.


Thank you for a wonderful session. My daughter loved it and has been practising her affirmations at home. I was blown away this week when she said ‘Sorry’ to me for two occasions.  I’m loving it!


My daughter immediately asked if she could attend your next workshop and this makes my heart happy. When we returned home she made our lounge room into your meditation circle and showed me how to meditate and let go of my anger. You have showed my daughter how to enjoy being in a group situation again. Thank You.