Crystal Workshop

This is a unique, beautiful workshop for kids aged 7-12 yrs (there is writing involved).

Workshop duration: One hour

Maximum number of children: 15


What you get:

  • a divine circle set up with cushions, rug, centrepiece, candles, nature wreath, name tags, ambient music and aroma
  • a calming grounding exercise to begin and teach the kids how to still the mind and calm the body
  • we talk about how to choose, use, charge and cleanse your crystals
  • each child chooses their own three crystals
  • we each create our own cards that celebrate our beautiful unique qualities
  • together we connect, have conversations, listen to each other, and share thoughts and feelings
  • to close our beautiful circle we join together in a divine crystal meditation
  • each child takes with them their three crystals and personal cards they created in a gift bag

Thank you for another wonderful session. My daughter loved it and has been showing the whole family how to meditate. 


My daughter immediately asked if she could attend your next workshop and this makes my heart happy. When we returned home she made our lounge room into your meditation circle and showed me how to meditate and let go of my anger. You have showed my daughter how to enjoy being in a group situation again. Thank You.


My kids absolutely loved your workshop. They know so much about their crystals now and haven’t stopped talking about it. Thank you.


When is your next workshop?? My kids are already asking for another one!! They loved it, especially the meditation at the end. Thank you so much, the work you do for our kids is just brilliant.


My Son wants to come to the next one after listening to his Sister raving about it. Thanks Beck, your workshops are teaching our kids so many valuable things, you are wonderful.