Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal


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A beautiful sacred space for your child to reflect and create a positive growth mindset.

NOT dated, so it can be gifted and used all year round.

⭐️  16 fun creative worksheets

⭐️  animal oracle cards to cut out

⭐️  365 spaces for gratitude entries

⭐️  pages are 20cm x 17cm

⭐️  coil binding so pages won’t fall out

⭐️  thick art-friendly paper

⭐️  every page is different

⭐️  over 80 positive affirmations

What’s inside?

This delightful journal provides a space for your child to learn and practice the art of gratitude and mindfulness.

They are prompted with different phrases such as,

“Today I am a kind friend because…”

“Today I am lucky because…”

with space to write and also draw their response, because emotional expression is powerful, liberating and vital for well being and healthy relationships. 

These pages also share over 80 positive affirmations that encourage tolerance, self-love and self-belief.

The creative pages include short stories, word searches, mystery mirror messages and much more, all of which gently promote mindfulness, tolerance, gratitude, self-belief, self-love and kindness.

Includes; – 365 spaces, 16 interactive creative pages, positive affirmations, animal oracle cards

Why journal?

The simple ritual of journaling gratitude each day is not only enriching, it also creates a powerful positive shift in your mindset.

It gently instills reflection, mindfulness and emotional expression, shifting your awareness to positive moments that bring joy to your day.

When you pause and tune in to what you are truly grateful for, you are ultimately attracting more positivity and happiness in to your life on every level- physical, emotional, spiritual and material.

The more we are grateful, the happier we become.

With happiness comes self-belief, self-love and bold confidence to live authentically and pursue our soul fuelled dreams.

If we can hand this gift of wisdom to our children, imagine the incredible life they can begin to create for themselves…