Kind words of praise

Tahlia has been hiding her secret pebbles in the garden and we have to find all 10 and describe how we feel or say something about each one we find. Thank you Beck.


Chloe had such a special time at your crystal class. She came away with so much information learned. She also felt very connected and grounded and loved the meditation. Thanks so much for a beautiful class 

Jo W

My step daughter absolutely loved both the workshops shes attended so far. She’s able to use the techniques and exercises daily to help her and loves to share what she’s learnt! Both Beck and Karen are such beautiful soul touching individuals and give these kids so much. Highly highly recommend.

Hayley B

Thank you for a wonderful book. I love the idea of teaching my Grandchildren gratitude and mindfulness. It’s a beautiful gift for them and I hope to be able to do it with them (might just have to get one for myself!!).


This journal is so beautifully and thoughtfully done. I love the quality of the paper and the spiral binding and of course all the elements inside. It’s such a gentle and positive way to teach kids the power of gratitude. I am so happy to recommend it to everyone.

Sonia Donaldson

Founder and writer, Natural New Age Mum

Thank you for a wonderful session. My daughter loved it and has been practising her affirmations at home. I was blown away this week when she said ‘Sorry’ to me for two occassions.  I’m loving it!


I received my Gratitude Journal in October 2017 and I love it SO MUCH. It’s tag line might be “for Little People with Big Dreams,” but after receiving it I have recommended it to all of my friends, and not just those with kids. Its content is just as beautiful as it’s aesthetics, and it contains not just journal pages but activities and self affirmations as well.

As a counsellor myself, I have been recommending gratitude journalling to my clients for years, as we know that practices that focus on gratitude help us to bring our day into balance and help us to enhance our positive mindset. I, however, have never been able to maintain the ritual of journalling for long. This Gratitude Journal has won me over. My 8yr old and I share our journal, and use it to come together for 10 minutes a day and focus on what we are thankful for, what went well, what we are looking forward to, what we are proud of. Sometimes we write, sometimes we draw, sometimes we do the crosswords or other great activities this book holds. But to me, it is more than just a journal. It has become a daily ritual of gratitude and positivity, an integral part of our day, and I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know, young and old.

Sarah Robinson

Counsellor, Sarah Robinson Counselling

My daughter immediately asked if she could attend your next workshop and this makes my heart happy. When we returned home she made our lounge room into your meditation circle and showed me how to meditate and let go of my anger. You have showed my daughter how to enjoy being in a group situation again. Thank You.


Beautiful, thoughtful & created with love. Your journals are so inspiring Rebecca. I’m in awe of what you have created. My children love them almost as much as I do. Thank you for helping create a grateful generation of little people


Wellness Advocate, The Lost Lady

Received my order today – I ordered one each for Miss 7 and Miss 9 and one for myself…I’ve been writing my own gratitude journal for a while now, but these are too beautiful not to share. I can’t wait until the Minis get theirs at Christmas so we can all begin using them together 

Cindie M

This is just what my 8yr old son needed! He tends to focus on the negative parts of his day which makes him really anxious. Now he is using the positive affirmations each day and reflecting on what made him happy and it’s made a huge difference already. Thank you so much.


Just wanted to thank you- the Journals are lovely and it was the perfect birthday present for my Niece.


What a beautiful Journal. My kids love theirs and have already started all the fun worksheets! It’s so lovely to see them having quiet time each day and I love seeing their entries. Well done, it’s a fabulous product obviously made with a lot of thought and love.


My kids are using their Journals every day and particularly take note of the positive affirmations. They really do make a difference. Thank you.


Our Journals arrived today and my kids love them, especially the surprise bracelet, what a lovely gift! Just wanted to thank you, the books are delightful and such a wonderful idea. I’m sure they’ll be used every day and I’ll be ordering some for Christmas gifts.


I love this book, thank you so much. I can see it’ll help my daughter with her self confidence, brilliant. I want one for me now!!


Received my 3 journals I ordered intending to give one each to my 2 eldest daughters 9 and 13 and keep the other for my 4y.o when she was a little older. I also thought miss 13 may think it was a bit childish so I would put hers away for miss 2y.o. I was so surprised at how well rounded it was as it was, more than appropriate for miss 13 whom loves it. I have kept the spare one for myself and have begun writing in it nightly. The Journal is helping me with my CBT training and helping me end the day with a positive outlook. Its also helping me and my girls get into a routine of being mindful before bed and helping to settle their young minds in this crazy full on world. I will be purchasing as a gift for all the wonderful young people in my life.


Mum of 4

My 8 year old son loved the magic potion workshop. I wasn’t expecting him to really get into it but the environment and lovely facilitators created such a loving environment for him. He said to me later……I feel like I’m in a video game. He obviously felt elated afterwards.

Alicia L

Thankyou ladies! My three kids had an awesome time at the crystal workshop. Came home with a wealth of knowledge and haven’t stopped cleansing their stones! 5 ⭐️ Can’t wait for another workshop to bring them along to.

Kylie S