Meditation in schools.

Why it’s so important.

Meditation calms the mind and stills the body.

When we create space for this to happen, we offer ourselves a beautiful gift of tuning in to our bodies, without external stimulation and distraction, and allowing inner calm and wisdom to re-balance.

The benefits are profound, with noticeable emotional regulation, reduced anxiety, better sleep, enhanced concentration, lower blood pressure, clearer focus, and greater resilience.

Can kids meditate?

Absolutely! Anyone can meditate, no matter what age, and the younger you start your practice, the greater the benefits are going to be for your well being. Kids are so quick to grasp and enjoy meditation, it really does come so naturally for them.

About our meditations.

Our mindfulness based meditation sessions vary depending on the age group, from a mixture of body awareness, relaxation, visualisation and our own unique guided meditations. 

Want to know more?

Please download our Meditation Program for more information on our facilitator, session content, structure and pricing.

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