Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation in school.

Why it’s so important.

With increasing anxiety, depression, anger and social withdrawal in our young children, it’s so important that we gently step in to nurture and guide them with tools to empower and enable them to navigate life with clarity and ease.

What we do that makes us different.

Our unique Little Soul Circles program has been created to offer a sacred and nurturing space for kids to feel safe enough to just be themselves and shine their light without judgment.

We join in circle to embrace inclusiveness and connection with one another, sharing, listening and learning together.

We share the powerful benefits of mindfulness and teach techniques to help kids calm big emotions and overwhelm.

Through mindful movement, we show kids how to release negativity, re-energise themelves and bring their bodies back in to energetic alignment.

We also show kids how to meditate, guiding them gently through relaxing meditations, calming the mind and body, and releasing negative thoughts, fears and worries.

Through practising these techniques consistently in each session, mindfulness, movement and meditation becomes a natural part of their daily self care ritual – an empowering practice that will help them in every aspect of their lives.

Our program is like no other, in that our philosophy is to nurture and honour not only Mind, Body, Spirit, but also Earth.

We teach the importance of bringing our awareness back to Mother Earth, nature, the elements, so we can gain a greater respect for our environment, heal, release negative energy and live harmoniously through each season.

Each session incorporates consistent key elements;

– practising gratitude

– mindful breathing

– mindful movements

– discussion and worksheets

– meditation

We provide all set up materials, including cushions, centrepiece with nature wreath and fairy lights, art supplies and worksheets, essential oil diffuser and ambient music.

All we require is a room big enough for the class to comfortably sit in circle together.

Circles are held for one class per session, limited to 25 children.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Please contact us to see if we run sessions in your area.

For more information on session structure, content and costs, please download our pdf information sheets;

Prep-1              Grade 2-6