Printable pdf Moon Kit


This beautiful Moon Kit is a downloadable pdf for you to print off and use for each New and Full Moon.

It’s an easy to follow guide that allows kids to release negative emotions or attachments and invite more positivity and happiness in to their lives.

New Moon – Full Moon Worksheets

The kit includes a New Moon and a Full Moon worksheet with prompts to fill out what you would like to release or invite more of in to your life. 

Moon Ritual

The two page guide on how to create and hold a Moon Ritual is in a fun format, is easy to follow, and includes lots of tips.

Please note that it does require adult supervision.

Moon Water

What’s Moon Water? How do you make it?

Super simple and so much fun, your kids and teens will love this one! (So will you, I’m sure…)

Cleansing crystals

Do you have some crystals? Not sure if or how you’re supposed to clean them?

Another fun and easy to follow guide on how to use the Full Moon to cleanse and charge your crystals.


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