Positive Affirmation Card Workshop

This is a unique, beautiful workshop for kids aged 7-12 yrs (there is writing involved).

Workshop duration: One hour

Maximum number of children: 15


What you get:

  • a divine circle set up with cushions, rug, centrepiece, candles, nature wreath, name tags, ambient music and aroma
  • a calming grounding exercise to begin and teach the kids how to still the mind and calm the body
  • we talk about the power of positive affirmations and how to use them
  • each child chooses their own animal card
  • we each choose our own affirmation, create and decorate our cards
  • together we connect, have conversations, listen to each other, and share thoughts and feelings
  • to close our beautiful circle, each child is given a crystal and we join together in a divine crystal meditation
  • each child gets to take home their crystal and personal affirmation card in a gift bag

My kids loved your workshop – they told me the room felt so calm and peaceful and they can’t wait to try the meditation at bedtime. Thank you Beck.


This is the second workshop my kids have been to and they loved it just as much as the first. They are using their affirmations and it’s really helping them feel empowered and positive. Such a brilliant idea, well done Beck.


My daughter has apologised to me twice this week out of the blue! Needless to say her affirmation was “I apologise easily”. It’s already creating change for her, so thank you Beck. 


Just wanted to thank you for another lovely workshop. My kids loved it and have proudly displayed their cards on their bedroom walls. 


My Son enjoyed your workshop, especially the meditation. He has been doing it each night at bedtime and is falling asleep so peacefully. Can’t thank you enough.