Kids Workshop




WHEN:  Wednesday September 26


TIME:  10am – 11


WHERE:  Allwood Neighbourhood House, Hurstbridge VIC


COST:  $25 

This is a unique, beautiful workshop for kids aged 7-12 yrs.

Numbers are limited to keep the group small and intimate, creating a gentle and relaxed energy.

I run these workshops with the assistance of my beautiful, gentle Mama. She is a friend to all, Mama to many and has so much kindness and wisdom to share with our children.


To start our workshop, we will be teaching the kids grounding exercises to help them get out of their busy, anxious heads and bring themselves back to earth. This is such a powerful tool they can use anywhere, whenever they are feeling overwhelmed and anxious with big emotions.

Each child will make their own personal mandala using nature elements and emotive stones in an exercise to learn how to express emotions through creative play.

Each child will receive their own set of 10 hand crafted Positive Pebbles in a beautiful drawstring bag, and we will decorate each one as a group with specific symbols. The kids will also decorate their special calico bags.

We’ll be checking our mandalas again to note any change in emotions, teaching the kids how feelings are only temporary and how to shift out of a negative mindset.

This is a beautiful, creative and fun workshop to help empower kids to have a positive mindset.

We end our circles with a gentle meditation.

Thank you for a wonderful Workshop. My daughter has struggled with trying to be positive and this has really helped her.


My kids really enjoyed your workshop. They often get stuck in a negative mindset and this has been a great tool for them. Thank you.