Positive Pebbles Workshop

This is a unique, beautiful workshop for kids aged 7-12 yrs.

Workshop duration: One hour

Maximum number of children: 15


What you get:

  • a divine circle set up with cushions, rug, centrepiece, candles, nature wreath, name tags, ambient music and aroma
  • a calming grounding exercise to begin and teach the kids how to still the mind and calm the body
  • we each create a nature mandala with a chosen emotive stone to depict our current feelings
  • together we decorate each Positive Pebble
  • we decorate and personalise our Positive Pebble drawstring bags
  • checking in on our emotions again, we re-make our mandala with emotive stones and nature elements
  • through conversation, we learn how to choose and use our Positive Pebbles
  • we finish with a beautiful meditation using our Positive Pebbles
  • each child gets to take home their personally decorated Positive Pebbles in a beautiful drawstring bag

My kids adored your workshop and love their own collection of beautiful stones. Thank you.


Tahlia has been hiding her secret pebbles in the garden and we have to find all 10 and describe how we feel or say something about each one we find. Thank you Bek.


Another beautiful workshop Beck, I just love how you manage to engage the kids. They love your circles.


Just wanted to thank you Beck. My daughter struggles with being positive and this has helped her so much. You are wonderful.


Your workshop has helped my son to be more positive which he has struggled with. He chooses a pebble daily and carries it with him. Thank you, what you are creating is making such a difference.


I’m so glad I found you and your workshops. My kids and I love them, we want to come to them all…