Online Women’s Meditation Circle

Thursday May 6th ~ @ 8pm

Grab your spot and join me in an hour of self-nurturing, deep restorative rest and inner connection.

This online event is open to all women, with no experience necessary.

If you’re new to meditation, then you’ll find this to be a gentle, guided introduction to the practice.

And if you are a dedicated meditator, you will also enjoy a deep immersion of self, with relaxation, insights, and heart expansion as I guide you to journey within.

Our circle will begin with a short, guided visualisation to connect with your sacred feminine energy. No experience is necessary, I will guide you every step of the way, teaching you how to activate and connect with your feminine centre.

This will help open your intuition, connect you with your inner knowing, and welcome powerful shifts, insights and energetic rebalancing.

You will be invited to briefly journal your thoughts, feelings and experience before we prepare for our meditation.

As you soften and sink in to a space of surrender and relaxation, I will gently guide you through a meditation to deeply rest your body, quieten your mind and nourish your soul.

No sharing expected, although if time and numbers allow then you’ll be welcomed to share if you feel drawn to.

I warmly invite you to join us from the comfort of your own home, deeply honouring yourself and allowing yourself a moment to simply rest.



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Friday April 30


St Andrews Community Centre

St Andrews, VIC 3761

Can you hear the whispers? 

Can you feel the yearning?

I’m calling you in. 

This is an invitation to all my soul Sisters to join me in circle.

To connect.
To share.
To be heard.
Without barriers.
Without judgement.

Join me in this gentle, nurturing circle, where I will guide you through a divine evening of relaxing meditation, womb journeying, embodiment practice, sacred tea ceremony, oracle card readings, connection and soul awakening.

This invitation is warmly open to all women, in all stages of their soul journey. 

If this stirs your soul and you’re feeling deeply drawn to come, then I invite you to push past the fear and join us.

It’s your time.

This circle is limited in spots to retain an intimate element, so don’t miss out if you want to join us…

All you need to bring is an open mind and an open heart.