Well Being Workshop



Suitable for Ages 6 – 12yrs




April 10 – 2019




10 – 11am



St Andrews Community Centre


35 Caledonia Street


St Andrews 3761


COST:  $25 




For ages 6-12, this workshop is a fun introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation.

In our signature space that is welcoming and nurturing, we’ll be learning breathing techniques to calm big emotions and overwhelm.

We’ll also be creating our own personal set of meditation pebbles and learning how to use them.

This is a beautiful workshop to open kids up to the power of mindfulness and meditation to help them navigate life with a positive mindset and emotional resilience.

Your workshops are more powerful than you even realise. My daughter has blossomed from attending your circles, you are one gifted lady. Thank You.


Thank you for a wonderful session. My daughter loved it and has been practising her affirmations at home. I was blown away this week when she said ‘Sorry’ to me for two occasions.  I’m loving it!


My daughter immediately asked if she could attend your next workshop and this makes my heart happy. When we returned home she made our lounge room into your meditation circle and showed me how to meditate and let go of my anger. You have showed my daughter how to enjoy being in a group situation again. Thank You.